We are pleased to announce the release of
A 3 Minute Orgasm, the first ever basic introduction to producing female orgasm.

Contemporary research is greatly enhancing the sensual pleasure available to women.

Putting this research into application,
A 3 Minute Orgasm introduces the
step-by-step fundamentals of expanding
a woman's orgasm, regardless of the viewers' proficiency and experience.

From researchers who have dedicated their lives to developing female orgasm, this DVD series, derived from one of their courses, shares the basics of getting a woman off better than she can herself. 

Start down this pleasurable path with
A 3 Minute Orgasm.
Back Cover:
What is orgasm? How do you define orgasm? How do you reliably create an orgasm in a woman's body every time and anytime?

Here are the first steps to having better orgasm... in just three minutes.

This video also includes:
Contemporary external and internal sensual anatomy of a woman, special features of interviews with instructors from the Welcomed Consensus, and trailers of their Deliberate Orgasm and Female Masturbation Collections.

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Part 1 - Introducing Deliberate Orgasm
A 3Minute Orgasm
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Welcomed Consensus

A place for women
and men to talk
about orgasm
Part 2 - Orgasm at the First Touch 
In Part 2, instructors talk about and demonstrate simple techniques for you to experience orgasm at the first touch...

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